“Recovery is a gift, unwrap it, one breath, one minute, one day at a time.”

— Anonymous

What Is

The Globe

Imagine that moments after our global countdown counter reaches 12:00 am on September 30, 2023 you see on our website’s map a small flash of light coming out of Sydney, Australia from where the very first Recovery Firework is launched. The firework rises up into the atmosphere and explodes in a glorious burst of colorful magnificence. Simultaneously as this virtual firework launches, the outline of Australia lights up in purple (symbolic of our recovery movement). A moment or two later you see another Recovery Firework launched and another…

Within a short time, dozens, then hundreds, and thousands of Recovery Fireworks are fired into the atmosphere and their colorful bursts illuminate the sky, creating a patchwork of interconnectedness around the world as more and more outlines of countries light up in purple.

The greater the number of Recovery Fireworks are launched the more purple our map becomes ...

International Recovery Day is a free online event to be globally launched on September 30, 2023.

Want to celebrate with us? Be sure to register now.

Sharon H

March 14, 2024
Newport Beach, California, USA

Thanks be to God!

Carol A

November 14, 2023
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Helene D

October 1, 2023
Ruckersville, Virginia, USA

Never give up!!!

Cindy W

September 30, 2023
Apopka, Florida, USA

Together we can and do recover!

Ken K

September 30, 2023
Buffalo, New York, USA

Recovery is possible. Don't give up

Fadilan AK

September 30, 2023
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Recovery Promotion (RP) instead of Relapse Prevention (RP)..


Linda B

September 30, 2023
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA


September 30, 2023
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Standing with all others in light, love and joy for recovery!

Catherine M

September 30, 2023
Po Box 326, Florida, USA

Fentanyl killed my beautiful son in 2022. We advocate for people just like my Kenny. His life mattered. We started a womens recovery home. We will not stop!
#evershouse #wedorecover

Sherrie C

September 30, 2023
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Tim C

September 30, 2023
South Bristol, Maine, USA

Marjorie W. K.

September 30, 2023
Crownsville, Maryland, USA

Congratulations to you who are finding the courage and strength to fight addiction! Never give up on yourself. And hurray to those of you who worked to create this movement to reach out to support those beside and behind you - to give hope to all. Godspeed in your journey!

Finglas addiction support team

September 30, 2023
Finglas West, County Dublin, Ireland


Nerile M

September 30, 2023
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

We have the power to change our stories!

Angela S

September 30, 2023
Vinemont, Alabama, USA

Remember that Recovery is a Journey, not a Destination. I send hope in my message that Recovery is possible!

Missy M

September 30, 2023
Lake Mary, Florida, USA

Live each day to your fullest. Put your head down on the pillow sober every night. God bless the newcomer!

Cathy B

September 29, 2023
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Recovery Rocks!

Helen H

September 29, 2023
Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

“You never walk alone in recovery”


September 29, 2023
New Delhi, Delhi, India

We all need each other ….

Laura S.

September 29, 2023
Houma, Louisiana, USA

There is hope, there is freedom. We can and do recovery. Your life is worth it! The world needs you.

Michael, E

September 29, 2023
Durham, North Carolina, USA

“We can together, what I can’t alone.”

Christine Love

September 29, 2023
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

You are loved.

With God, Recovery is possible!

God is More than Able! ❤️

Linsey J

September 29, 2023
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

You’re worth Recovery ❤️

Chassity, L.

September 29, 2023
2921 Beacon street, CO, USA

HOPE without it you have nothing with it you have everything. We do recover it might not be easy and it might take time, but in the end what you gain from it is life changing. Never give up there's always someone watching you looking up to you. Watering every seed you have planted for them. WE DO RECOVER!!!!

Mim C.

September 29, 2023
Ravenna, Ohio, USA

Family support is essential in order for our loved ones to survive.

Lisa H

September 29, 2023
White Plains, New York, USA

This is for all of our children in the world: We are getting better to show up for you, in hopes that you might never feel you need us. But if you or someone you love ever needs the recovery community, we will be here. We are creating a huge community, without judgement, shame, or hatred and it is taking time but it is happening. We are here, and we are not going anywhere.

Elisha H

September 29, 2023
Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Never give up hope or faith in god

Kastidy O

September 29, 2023
Asheville, North Carolina, USA


September 28, 2023
Cork, County Cork, Ireland


Meghan C

September 28, 2023
Eatonville, Florida, USA

Chastity V

September 28, 2023
Liberty, Missouri, USA

I cant, He can, we can do it together! if you have any darkness, any troubles... bring them into the light .. share the burden of their weight and watch them shrivel up in the light... I believe in harm reduction... stay alive! No matter what.

Serena M

September 28, 2023
Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA

Chantelle H

September 28, 2023
2650 woods dr, Minnesota, USA

Recovery IS possible-- NEVER give up!

richard newbert j

September 28, 2023
Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

People can and do recover

Mary L

September 28, 2023
La Vista, Nebraska, USA

Oliver B

September 27, 2023
Rochester, Minnesota, USA

You've got this! Recovery is possible. Who knows, you might find something better than anything you could have imagined.

Hillary Selassi Nutakor

September 26, 2023
Tema, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Recovery is a journey

Natasha Stout

September 21, 2023
Charleston, West Virginia, USA

One moment at a time, we heal. We do recover.

Jermaine B

September 20, 2023
California City, California, USA

I celebrate recovery and the journey all took to get there. I support all those who are still in active use with harm reduction and access to services.

Kelley Q

September 20, 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Feel fear and do it anyway! Pull those ghosts out of your closet and live in a clutter-free house hereafter. There's so much support in the self-help fellowships - seek out, diligently, the support and a new way of life!


September 20, 2023
Kigamboni, Dar es Salam, Tanzania

Living Clean, Attend Meetings, Getting a sponsor Work the steps, being on service may serve life.

JoAnn P.

September 17, 2023
Bradenton, Florida, USA

Never give up!

Eric S

September 15, 2023
Bend, Oregon, USA

Life is awesome in recovery!

Cyndie E

September 14, 2023
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

I'm grateful that I've been blessed with a new way of life. The road is not always easy, but I know how to cope with life on life's terms now. There is hope in recovery, and I wish that for everyone. Much love xxx

Tracy j

September 12, 2023
St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Don't stop trying and your not alone ever

Phoenix B.

September 12, 2023
Baker, Louisiana, USA

Ashley S.

September 12, 2023
Falcon Heights, Minnesota, USA

Today, I want to share with you a story of transformation, a story that embodies the indomitable human spirit—the story of finding a new and purposeful life in recovery from addiction.

Addiction can be an all-consuming force, dragging us down into a seemingly never-ending abyss. It can strip away our dreams, our aspirations, and our very sense of self. But what I want to emphasize today is that recovery is not just about putting an end to the cycle of addiction. It's about rediscovering who you are and uncovering a new and profound sense of purpose.

When individuals embark on the path of recovery, they are faced with a choice—to continue down a destructive path or to take a bold leap into the unknown. It's a journey of immense courage because it requires confronting not just addiction but the underlying pain, trauma, and emotions that led to it.

But in the process of healing, a remarkable transformation occurs. As individuals in recovery start to mend the broken pieces of their lives, they unearth strengths they never knew they had. They discover resilience that defies the odds. They find an inner resolve that can move mountains.

Recovery is not just about breaking free from the shackles of addiction; it's about breaking through the barriers that have held you back. It's about tearing down the walls of shame, guilt, and self-doubt and replacing them with pillars of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and hope.

And as recovery progresses, a beautiful thing happens—people begin to find their purpose. They unearth passions and talents that addiction had buried. They start to dream again, often for the first time in years. They set goals, not just for sobriety, but for a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, and worth living.

Recovery is not just about surviving; it's about thriving. It's about rekindling relationships and building new ones based on trust and authenticity. It's about giving back to the community and becoming a beacon of hope for others who are still struggling.

In recovery, we see people not just finding jobs but pursuing careers that align with their true selves. We witness individuals dedicating their time to helping others in need, becoming mentors, advocates, and pillars of support in the recovery community.

What we learn from this remarkable journey is that there is life beyond addiction, and it is a life filled with purpose. Recovery teaches us that every individual, no matter how far they've fallen, has the potential to rise, to shine, and to make a positive impact on the world.

So, let us not only celebrate the courage it takes to begin the journey of recovery but also the strength it takes to redefine one's life. Let us honor those who have found a new and purposeful life in recovery, for they remind us that transformation is possible, and that even in the darkest of times, there is always the potential for a brighter future.

In conclusion, recovery is not just about quitting a substance; it's about embracing a new way of life—one that is meaningful, purposeful, and filled with hope. It's a journey that teaches us that our past does not define us, but our choices in the present can shape a future that is rich with purpose and possibility.


September 7, 2023
Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mark Anthony A.

September 7, 2023
Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines

There is Hope, Recovery is Possible!

Uchechi C. Onukogu

September 6, 2023
Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria

Keep pushing, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Mike G

September 5, 2023
Delmar, Delaware, USA

Mike Gaidurgis recovery began with my mom (Dee) Nov. 1, 1967 in the Maryland suburbs outside Washington DC. They has 7 children at the time with me the oldest age 10. My sister Julie age 9 did the intervention to mom the day before her words were "mom everyone in the neighborhood is calling our family white trash and you and dad drunks. Can't you go to AA like uncle Joe" Mom called AA and her and dad started their recovery journey and both died sober with long term recovery. Recovery works for families!

Rachelle P

September 5, 2023
Springville, California, USA


Angie B

September 1, 2023
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

Recovery is possible. Recovery is worth it. It is easier to stay stopped. You are worth it!

Cynthia G

August 31, 2023
New Glarus, Wisconsin, USA

Recovery is possible! Don't give up before the miracle happens.

Francie G

August 30, 2023
Chesterfield, South Carolina, USA

Never give up!

Angela M

August 29, 2023
Endicott, New York, USA

With Hope, all things are possible!!!

Amanda S.

August 29, 2023
Bloomington, Illinois, USA

You are worthy of recovery. You are loved. There is hope.

Jeanette, B

August 29, 2023
Melbourne, Florida, USA

Don't fear the help of others, It takes an army to remain in recovery...

Dhawan M

August 23, 2023
Jayanagar, Karnataka, India

If there is anything that is stopping you from being the best version of you and stopping you from being available to people around you and you're working on doing any damn thing about it, you're in recovery. It's not the addiction that bought me here but my recovery.

Brad's Place Addiction Treatment of Southern Georgian Bay

August 22, 2023
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Let's travel together on your individualized road to recovery!

Randy L.

August 21, 2023
West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Happy to join others who've found independence from addictive behaviors.

Jacque I

August 20, 2023
Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA

Bill S

August 18, 2023
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

We do recover!

John Winslow

August 17, 2023
Luray, Virginia, USA

"We can do together what none of us can do alone!"

David B

August 14, 2023
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

I am a shining example that recovery IS possible! I'm so grateful for the life I have today!

Shannon, H.

August 13, 2023
Randolph, Vermont, USA

I would like to send out loving kindness, hope, health and happiness to all those who are experiencing dukkha and a lack of Sangha in their lives. May you find truth and connection!

Johan Felipe Mercado

August 12, 2023
Los Angeles, California, USA

Debbie A.

August 11, 2023
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA

There is FREEDOM, there is FUN, and there is LIFE in recovery!

Pablo G

August 10, 2023
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

It is in my heart to help a little cause I was helped a lot

Amanda T

August 8, 2023
Richmond, Texas, USA

Recovery in Pecan Town!

Luke F.

August 8, 2023
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

It's a better way of life!

Bryon, G

August 3, 2023
Shepherdsville, Kentucky, USA

Rise from the ashes of addiction and fly to freedom as a Phoenix. Reach and I'll be there. Recovery IS possible.

Truly S

August 3, 2023
Miami, Florida, USA

Even though I have been in recovery for over 10 years, my worst nightmare occured on April 10th, 2022 when one of my 43 year old twin sons accidentally overdosed on a combination of Cocaine and Ketamine.... I saw him and my Grandson on April 9th, 2022, we had some laughs and hugs... then he passed away while sleeping it off sometime after 2 AM when I wife checked on him but not when she returned at 2:19 PM and found him deceased. I had never heard of Ketamine which is a horse tranquilizer that his friend brought over on Fight night, April 9th, 2022... I miss Danny so much. My Heart is broken due to his poor choices that night. He was not an addict

Rich A.

August 2, 2023
Katy, Texas, USA

This is a test.

Lindsay J. Dively

August 1, 2023
Crofton, Maryland, USA


July 27, 2023
Ohio, USA

With God all things are possible!


July 20, 2023
Waukegan, Illinois, USA

We do recover


July 19, 2023
Malden, Massachusetts, USA


July 19, 2023
Mesa, Arizona, USA


July 19, 2023
Columbia, Maryland, USA


July 19, 2023
Waukee, Iowa, USA

Show the world recovery matters because every individual is unique and has value. Your identidty is not in your past. We are given a new opportunities each day, keep moving forward. We can learn something daily if we are focused on growth and change. Every little step moves you closer to your goal. Love youeself and build a support network like getting involved in a recovery comunity. Hold onto hope and you wil find peace!


July 19, 2023
Letts, Iowa, USA

The only message I can share is my story. Each of us are unique, however we all ended up in the same place.


July 19, 2023
Los Angeles, California, USA


July 19, 2023
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

My beautiful daughter Amanda died of an overdose on 2/10/2020. In her honor, I continue to help others find and continue their recovery journey through supportive transitional living. Amanda's House is one of only a few transitional living programs in Wisconsin that allow children to live with their mothers.

Garmai A. Cyrus Biddle

July 15, 2023
Harper, Maryland, Liberia

Recovery is possible. There's always help you can get


July 8, 2023
Topeka, Kansas, USA

We do recover!


July 8, 2023
Hartland, Wisconsin, USA

I believe in you!


June 29, 2023
Longs, South Carolina, USA

My recovery must come first, so that everything I love in life doesn't have to come last!


June 28, 2023
Davie, Florida, USA

If it were not for the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous and learning the 12 steps of recovery, I never would have been able to stay clean...
I have lost my wife Robin and my daughter, who was a twin to the disease of addiction, specifically opioids...today my life is about changing our community by education and passing out Narcan in the hot spot areas of South Florida...

This message is sent with blessings and always with love...

Chris Cavallo
The Robin Foundation


June 17, 2023
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Let go , let God.


June 12, 2023
Canyon Lake, Texas, USA


May 31, 2023
Brighton and Hove, England, United Kingdom

Anyone can do this. There are people who can do this and people who are yet to realize that they can do this.
There is nothing more awe-inspiring than to watch yourself, or others, turn childhood complex trauma on its head and then to use it as an asset. It seems fitting to use what once kept you back as the very thing that now drives you, and others, to a great life. Own it and make use of it. Everything you do, have done, or have gone through, can be utilized to help yourself and others. When the fog clears, when someone has held their hand out to help you get out from under the weight of addiction/alcoholism, it becomes clear that we all experience joy and pain in this short existence. What we do with it is vital.
My recovery message to the world, if I can give one, is that the spiritual life is not for weaklings.
One of the biggest gifts I have ever been given on my recovery journey is that I have the ability to suffer with dignity.
To endure, knowing it is making me stronger. No longer a need for escape.
Once I realized that the life-span of any human, no matter how privileged, is full of joy and pain, like was truly worth living.
There is a real and genuine satisfaction by knowing, deep down, that the spiritual life means embracing both the darkness and the light. That this little slot of time we are given is a gift. It can be enjoyed despite whatever experience as you go through it.


May 26, 2023
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, USA

It is possible! Don’t ever give up or think that you can’t start now, because you can always begin recovery no matter where you are in your life! Stay positive and take it one day at a time!


May 23, 2023
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Carmelita was love and light and she will deeply be missed .

JR Weaver

May 22, 2023
San José, San José Province, Costa Rica

I stared into the abyss and nearly lost myself, but in my darkest hour I truly found myself. WE DO RECOVER!!!

#recovery #hope #mentalhealthawareness #costaricarecovery #recoverytodaymag #addictionmanifesto


May 19, 2023
Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

Recovery IS possible. TOGETHER, we can achieve ANYTHING. I LOVE YOU! <3


May 19, 2023
Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

I am free! Free indeed!


May 19, 2023
Bernardsville, New Jersey, USA

It's a great way of life! Celebrate the mystery!

Jay Pee

May 19, 2023
St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA

On the contrary to what the world my think....WE DO RECOVER!!


May 19, 2023
York, Pennsylvania, USA

When you get to the end of the road of addiction. There is a way up and out of this insidious disease. Grab on to a hand of another recovering person. HOPE is available!! Recovery is Possible!

Barbara Brumleve

May 18, 2023
Bloomington, Illinois, USA

Recover Out Loud!!! No More Stigma, No More Shame!!!

Turning Point of Franklin County

May 18, 2023
Saint Albans City, Vermont, USA

One day at a time!


May 18, 2023
Bryan, Texas, USA

The hardest thing to do is admit OUT LOUD to family/friends that you have a problem and need help and support to take your life back. But know that once you gather the strength to take that secret from the darkness into the light your life can finally begin to take back your life!! So open up! Accept the help even though it's not always easy because that is the only way to start to put your life back on track! Good Luck!!


May 18, 2023
Piketon, Ohio, USA

Progress not perfection is the key... Never give up on yourself!


May 18, 2023
Rockaway, New Jersey, USA

Grateful every single day that my precious child is living an abundant life in recovery that includes a wonderful, supportive network of friends, meaningful work, family bonds and service to others.


May 18, 2023
Mora, Minnesota, USA

Recovery is possible!!


May 18, 2023
Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA


May 18, 2023
Exeter, Rhode Island, USA

Hope! Life! On life terms!


May 18, 2023
Capitola, California, USA

I am grateful to be able to say I am in long-term Recovery even though I did not use the 12 step program. The message that people recover in so many differing, personal ways could reduce stigma of not "doing it right." We all belong!

susan baker

May 18, 2023
Red Bud, Illinois, USA


May 14, 2023
Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Recovery is possible for everyone! Believe in yourself. Get and Al’s for help. Join your meetings. Start your personal development. Start changing your habits. You will recover once you change! I promise!


May 11, 2023
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

If nothing changes, nothing changes!!!
If I can do it, anybody can!!!


May 9, 2023
Michigan City, Indiana, USA

It’s not easy, but I’m living proof that it’s worth it!


March 12, 2023
Gauteng, South Africa

I am not a bad person trying to be good, I am sick person trying to get better.

Moses Wright

March 5, 2023
Richmond, Virginia, USA

Heather Templeton

February 17, 2023
Chatsworth, Georgia, USA

This is a story that I wrote for my daughter about the experience I had when my brother overdosed and I had a mental breakdown and left the home.





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