“Recovery is a gift, unwrap it, one breath, one minute, one day at a time.”

— Anonymous

What Is

The Globe

Imagine that moments after our global countdown counter reaches 12:00 am on September 30, 2021 you see on our website’s map a small flash of light coming out of Sydney, Australia from where the very first Recovery Firework is launched. The firework rises up into the atmosphere and explodes in a glorious burst of colorful magnificence. Simultaneously as this virtual firework launches, the outline of Australia lights up in purple (symbolic of our recovery movement). A moment or two later you see another Recovery Firework launched and another…

Within a short time, dozens, then hundreds, and thousands of Recovery Fireworks are fired into the atmosphere and their colorful bursts illuminate the sky, creating a patchwork of interconnectedness around the world as more and more outlines of countries light up in purple.

The greater the number of Recovery Fireworks are launched the more purple our map becomes ...

International Recovery Day is a free online event to be globally launched on September 30, 2021.

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You Can Help

Invite Others

YOU can help us get the whole world involved. If you know someone in recovery anywhere in the world, please consider reaching out to them with an invitation to join in our global recovery celebration! Be sure to share this page with others on social media.